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ShareX Crack

ShareX 12.4.1 For LinuX Portable With Crack [LaTeXt] New

ShareX Crack

ShareX Crack (4.57 MB) is a program to take pictures and screen pants. The utilities were able to hide the set of functions, enable the creation of a screenshot of the screen, the image of the selected areas of the screen, and the entire rectangular area can be isolated and the geometric shapes are different, including any shape. After creating a snapshot, you can automatically specify the number of transactions: resize, add borders, shadows, watermarks or text descriptions to images, save files to a specific folder or send them to a photo or storage service. records. Others

Download ShareX 12.4.1 | Portable ~ 5.0 MB (Open Source)

ShareX Crack is an open source program that allows you to capture screenshots or screenshots of any specific area with a single key, save them to the clipboard or hard drive or instantly load them into more than 80 different hosting servers for files like Imgur, FTP, Dropbox, Mega, and Pastebin.

The user can select any or all of these tasks to be executed automatically after each screenshot:

  • So, Add image effects: the user can choose from over 37 image effects and apply multiple image effects and apply them to an image.
  • Add watermark: add a text/image watermark to the customizable image.
  • So, Image comment: use the Greenshot image editor to annotate the image.
  • Copy the image to the clipboard: copy the image to the clipboard In ShareX Crack.
  • Print the image: You can print the images using the printing device.
  • So, Save the image to a file: Save the image as a file in the user’s favorite image format For ShareX Crack.
  • Save the image to a file such as: Display the file dialog box before saving so that the user can specify where to write.
  • So, Save the thumbnail to a file: Save the resized image as a file.
  • Copy the file to the Clipboard: Copy the image file to the clipboard.
    … and more.

Additional tools to do some more efficient tasks:

  • Screen color selector: So, as its name suggests, ShareX Crack allows the user to recover color from anywhere on the screen
  • Rule: allows the user to obtain X and Y information, width, height, distance and angle on the screen.
  • FTP Client: So, We Can open a basic FTP client user interface for the FTP account currently configured.
  • Hash check: allows the user to examine/compare file fragmentation values.
  • Index folder: So, ShareX Crack allows the user to share the content index.
  • The folder by loading the index of the selected folder as text, HTML or XML.
  • Photo editor: based on Greenshot Photo Editor.
  • It provides features such as the ability to annotate, blur or blur the screenshot.
  • Image effects: So, We allows you to apply more than 37 different effects to an image with its own image settings.
  • Modified images can be saved in PNG format or other formats.
  • Screen test: So, It allows the user to provide different colors on the screen.
  • DNS Changer: So, ShareX Crack allows the user to quickly change the DNS settings of a computer.
  • QR Code: open the QR Code window where a user can enter text to get their QR code.
  • So, The user can copy the QR image to the user’s folder or save it as a file.
  • Tweet Tweet Message: allows the user to post a message on Twitter.

Note: The ShareX  Crack 12.4.1 changelog is not yet available.

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